Longsleeves - Zither Ohne Streicher-Plissee-Leinenhemd (Y5102) 1Ctl3udP

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1800 years ago, a hermit poet (Tao Yuanming) had a zither. He couldn’t play zither and left the zither not stringed. Every time, after he drank with his friends, he would play the zither without strings! The most interesting part for me is to imagine what kind of melody it was in the pure poet’s heart. Would there be his favorite Chrysanthemum beside humble bamboo fence of his straw house? Would there be a true perfect world if you find the cave hole hidden in a forest of peach? I admired his confidence that nothing would hinder him to enjoy music even he doesn’t play. I am still in process of learning to perfect clothing making techniques over the years; I enjoy what I do every day, and will take a life time to make it better.

A smart and stylish asymmetrical shirt, if you look close, each cutting piece has its own direction of veins on the shirt.

  • Earthy and artistic pleated fabric, 50% cotton, 50% linen, slightly stretchy. Pleats won’t be washed away and it is not easy to wrinkle. I particularly like fabrics with individuality and personality such as this fabric. Cream is sheer, other colors are not sheer.

  • The whole shirt is 100% natural and eco-friendly including coconut shell buttons.

  • Standard fitting, neither loose nor tight, not tight fit on waist and hips, artistic and cool; model Jeanie is US 0, wears XXS for photo shooting. Space for shirt underneath calculated already. Jeanie so far has 3 months’ pregnancy, thank you Jeannie for your help on the photo shooting!


  • Materials: 50% cotton, 50% linen; medium weight on black, gray and sage green; light weight on cream

  • Care: machine wash in gentle circle, tumble low, line to dry, medium heat iron.

PLS NOTE: We will contact you via email or conversation to confirm details with you after you buy, pay attention to your email box or conversation page 1-2 days after you pay, thanks.

  • Measurements:

Made to order, turnaround time is 6-9 days; may have already made pieces to ship the day you pay.

Please note: WE MAKE ACCORDING TO US SIZING, 7 sizes to fit your proportion as perfect as possible; when you choose size, we sest you stick to your usual shirt size; don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any question.

Shop sizing chart FYI ( made according to US sizing. actual body figures, NOT laying flat clothes measurement.

SIZE XXS (German 30, French 32, US 0, UK 4, Italian 34, Japan 1)
bust: fits bust around 32.5” / 81cm
Waist: fits waist around 25” / 63.5cm
Hips: fits hips around 35” / 89cm
For overall height: 5'2" / 157cm around

SIZE XS (German 32, French 34, US 2, UK 6, Italian 36, Japan 3)
bust: fits bust around 33.5” / 85cm
Waist: fits waist around 26” / 66cm
Hips: fits hips around 36” / 91cm
For overall height: 5'3" / 160cm around

SIZE S (German 36, French 38, US 6, UK 10, Italian 40, Japan 7)
bust: fits bust around 35.5” / 90cm
Waist: fits waist around 28”/ 71cm
Hips: fits hips around 38”/ 97cm
For overall height: 5'5" / 165cm around

SIZE M (German 40, French 42, US 10, UK 14, Italian 44, Japan 11)
bust: fits bust around 37.5” / 95cm
Waist: fits waist around 30”/ 76cm
Hips: fits hips around 40”/ 102cm
For overall height: 5'7" / 170cm around

SIZE M, L- (German 42, French 44, US 12, UK 16, Italian 46, Japan 13)
bust: fits bust around 39” / 99cm
Waist: fits waist around 31.5”/ 80cm
Hips: fits hips around 41.5”/ 106cm
For overall height: 5'7"-5'9" / 173-175cm

SIZE L (German 44, French 46, US 14, UK 18, Italian 48, Japan 15)
bust: fits bust around 40.5”/ 103cm
Waist: fits waist around 33”/ 84cm
Hips: fits hips around 43”/ 109cm
For overall height: 5'9" / 175cm around

SIZE XL (German 48, French 50, US 18, UK 22, Italian 52, Japan 22)
bust: fits bust around 43.5”/ 110cm
Waist: fits waist around 36”/ 91cm
Hips: fits hips around 46”/ 117cm
For overall height: 5'9" / 175cm around

SIZE XXL or 5'9"/175cm+ takes 8EURO to cover extra fabric, labour and shipping. Pls contact us before making.

  • If you have some specific request or special characters such as broad shoulder, long arms, long waist, etc you think we need pay attention to when making, do let me know.

The basic measurements we need for making your order:
[bust]: the fullest part of your bust, not bra size
[natural waist]: the thinest part of your upper body
[hips]: the fullest part of your hips
Your overall height:

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, I’d love to help!

Shipping options:

We ship to WORLDWIDE as long as you live on earth :=)

We use FedEx, DHL, EMS, DPD etc. according to your destination and weight of parcel, shipping time is around 4-10 days, with in-depth tracking,safer, faster and more reliable.

All parcels will be claimed low value. If the order is a gift, just let us know, and we wil...

Longsleeves - Zither Ohne Streicher-Plissee-Leinenhemd (Y5102) 1Ctl3udP

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